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Maksym Mykhaylenko

since 03.03.2010 - Member of the President''s Council of Human Affairs, in Oct 2010 - May 2012 -- Deputy Director, Dept of International Cooperation and European Integration, Ministry of Education, Science, Youth and Sports of Ukraine

Date of Birth: 20.03.80, Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine


1995-1999 Chernivtsi National University (Chernivtsi, Ukraine), College of Modern European Languages, Bachelor of Arts in Eng/Fr/Ger Language, Specialist (1999)
1996-1998 Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania, (Lock Haven, PA, USA), B.A. in International Studies
1999-2000 Central European University (Budapest, Hungary), Master of Arts in International Relations and European Studies (Program Accredited by the Open University, London, UK)
2012 - Dr.H.C., Ukrainian-American Humanitarian Institute/Wisconsin International University in Ukraine

Job, Research and Project Experience

Summer 1997 - Chernivtsi City Administration, Department of Culture, fall-winter 1997 Interpreter, International Events Organization Officer

1998 - Simulation & Interactive Project Center with the College of Arts and Sciences, Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania, USA, 1998, Staff

Summer 1998 - Chernivtsi Regional State Administration, Department of Immigration and International Connections Interpreter, International Events Organization Officer

1998 - University of Maryland ICONS Project Web-Conferencing Simulation on Intra-African Issues, Team Manager, 1st North Atlantic Universities Team Prize

May-September 1998 - Social Security Awareness Project, US Senate Pew Charitable Funds, Washington DC, Team Analyst, 2nd National Competition Team Prize. Note: the ''Americans Discuss Social Security'' project was thanked by President Clinton in his speech in 1998.

In 1998 - served as Senator of the Student Cooperative Council, Inc., Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania

1999 - Ukrainian-Swedish Institute of Economics and Finance/ICTV Channel Economic Herald Competition, The Best Way of Economic Reforms for Ukraine, 1st Prize

1999 - The Renaissance Foundation Master of Arts Fellowship (for Central European University IRES Program, 4 awarded in Ukraine), 1999-2000

1999-2004 Opinion Author, Author and Observer, for the The Day, a Kyiv-based national daily

Jan 2000 Dec 2003 Opinion Author, for the Kyiv Post, English-language Kyiv-based national weekly

Jan 2004 today, Political Observer and Columnist, the 2000, Kyiv-based national weekly

Aug Dec 2000 , Chernivtsi National University, Assistant Professor, English Language & Civilization

2001 The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation (Chickago, Il) and Scientific and Educational Foundation (Moscow, Russia) research proposal international competition winner Feb 2001 2nd Prize, July 2001 1st Prize

2001 -2003 Country Expert, International Institute for Humanitarian and Political Research, Ukrainian Branch

2002 today independent Political Consultant, professionally participating in successful parliamentary campaigns of 2002, 2006 and 2007.

In and out St.Petersburg:

Nov 2002 today a Country Expert, Baltic Research Center (BRC), St. Petersburg, Russia
- since May 2004, a Coordinator of Ukrainian Projects, BRC, St. Petersburg, Russia
- since 2006 a counselor to the Ukrainian The Heritage/Heritage (Nasledstvo/Spadshyna) Foundation in St. Petersburg, Russia
- since 2009 - a political representative of the ''Heritage/Heritage'' in Ukraine, partner to the CIS Interparlimentary Assembly elections monitoring mission

2002 Parliamentary Elections - Regional Coordinator, Ukrainian Regional Herald, project supported by the Democracy Fund of the U.S. Embassy, Kyiv and the EastWest Institute Kyiv Branch

Aug 2003 Aug 2004, Chernivtsi National University, Assistant Professor, International Relations and European Politics

Nov 2003 Finalist, Presidential Administration National Staff Contest

Jun 2004 today, research director, the Center for Social and Legal Studies

Aug 2005 -- the UNDP Capacity-2015 Information and Learning Network research tender winner, report, named Dignity vs. Poverty: A Short Strategy Leading to Broadening of Freedom completed and published in Fall 2005, Chisinau.

Nov 2005 1st Prize winner, a national contest of young political scientists, announced by the Institute of National Strategy

Dec 2005 today -- private entrepreneur ( project expertise, information and advertising, local area networking)

2006 2009 -- Assistant to the MP (on a civic non-salary basis)

2007 today Counselor to the Chernivtsi Foundation for Entrepreneurial Support (CFRES)

Author of over 1000 newspaper articles and 55 academic publications since 1999

Author of 3 books:

2005 - The Age of Institutions: a Paradigm of Foreign Policy Choice under Globalization and Washintons Ukrainian Policy in the 90s, Chernivtsi, Misto, - 240 p. (in Ukrainian)
2008 The State, Globalization and Periphery: Leadership and Backwardness in the 21st Century, Chernivtsi, Bukrek 381 p. (in Russian)
2009 - ''Under the Sign of Obama'', Kyiv, Dovira -- 301 p. (in Russian)

''2000'' Weekly
Baltic Research Center
Ukrainian Foundation for Entrepreneurial Support

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